Feliz Nueva York (Currently Under Revision)

Spend Christmas Eve alone or with the man she’s had a crush on for months? The choice is tougher than she thinks.

Recently relocated from New Mexico to New York City, Rose Moreno has been too busy (and too shy) to reveal her attraction to fellow office worker, Brian Garner. Brian invites Rose to share a taxicab after work on a snowy Christmas Eve. Icy streets and a taxi fender-bender strand Rose and Brian at his apartment. How can a reserved, small town girl ever hope to win the heart of a sophisticated, big city man? She’s going to need a Christmas miracle.

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His brown eyes lit up like a diamond at Tiffany’s. “Hey, I have an idea.”

Rose braced herself. As a kid, whenever her younger sister, Diana, said those words, Rose usually ended up in trouble.

Brian shifted in the seat to face her. “How about you go with me to my parents’ house for the weekend? The date won’t be real, of course,” he added quickly, as if embarrassed he’d asked with little forethought. “I bought Mom a gift but I think she’d appreciate the present more if I brought a lady friend. Their house is big so naturally you’d have your own room.” He peered through the cab window at a street sign. “We can stop at my apartment first and then go to your place. Then we’ll drive over to Long Island. What do you say?”

She tried to respond but couldn’t breathe, the air blocked by the happy lump in her throat. Rose stared as her mind whirled. What should she say? She wanted to yell, “Yes! Of course I’ll go, are you kidding? I think about you, I dream about you, especially since last summer’s softball tournament. Just don’t ask me to have babies right away. First, I want to travel the globe together. We’ll make wild, passionate love in sumptuous four-poster beds in the most romantic cities in the world. Yes, a thousand times, yes, I’ll go with you!” Instead, she swallowed and looked into his chocolate-brown eyes. All those stomach-tingling thoughts and all she managed was, “Uh.”

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