I don’t always write historicals, but when I do…

Posted at Nov 5, 2014 12:01 am

Ten things I consider before I choose a time period to write about.

  1. It has to be a time period that will fascinate me through months and maybe years of researching, writing, and discussing. For example, my father was stationed with the U.S. Embassy in Dublin, Ireland for two years. While going to school there, I studied medieval history, especially that of the Celts and Normans, and visited museums and castles. Decades later, I’m still enthralled with that time period. Also, instilled in me—the history of European kings and queens. How would you feel if you received a love letter from King Henry VIII?
  2. I want to write about a place because I’ve been there. (In the present, no time travel—just making that clear.☺) E.g., London, the Scottish Highlands, the western U.S., etc.
  3. I want to go there. (To keep this post short, deeper answers and explanations may come in later posts.)
  4. I feel a connection to the place and time. (A previous life??? ☺)
  5. I read an article. For example, I read that the three most intriguing, infamous people in history were King Henry VIII, Jack the Ripper, and Hitler. (I don’t’ know if I’ll ever write about Hitler, but I have written about King Henry and the Ripper.)
  6. Brainstorming. One day, my husband and I brainstormed ideas such as, historically, what was the most important/interesting/pivotal: person, war, battle, life, death, architecture, romance, etc.?
  7. Who would I like to meet?
  8. I know I’m not supposed to alter history, but, if I could, what would I want to go back and change.
  9. Historically, who or what would I like to know more about?
  10. I saw something cool on an educational channel (or read a cool book) and said, “Oh, yeah. That’s what I want to write about.” For example, I like the History Channel’s Vikings and HBO’s The Tudors. (Actually, I wrote my King Henry book before the TV show but it was still interesting to watch.)

I’m curious, if you could go anywhere in time, where would you go?

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